Retouching your landscapes!

Luminosity masks

Several months ago, when first approaching the subject of luminosity blending I discovered a free tool that works as an addon for Photoshop. It makes Luminosity Masks a whole lot easier! It’s called Easy Panel and it’s still free!

Great help to mastering luminosity

Jimmy McIntyre / Shutter Evolve was the origin of this tool. In addition to this there’s quite a few free tutorials that helps taking your image to that next level!
I’ve yet to try the premium content on his website, but as the quality on the free stuff is rock solid, I think that the premium stuff also will be.

In the meantime, enjoy this free video about utilizing frequency separation to clean up you land- or cityscapes!


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Raya Pro

I did purchase a plugin for Photoshop which I’ve found to add more and more to my PS workflow. It does not only help you with luminosity masks, but it does also have quite a few cool effects and one-button-clicks to quickly set up some dodge & burn layers, contrast adjustments and whatnot. I feel I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg on what plugin can do for me. Being “only” $44,99 (per now) it’s quite affordable too!



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