Retouching-action for PS

Save time post-processing

If you’ve ever been involved in editing images, you know that it takes time. For me I’m always trying to find new faster ways to get to my final image without hurting the quality. So I’ve made myself an action which sets up different layers for me, ready to edit and get to it quickly. It might not take more than 5-15 minutes to do so manually, but if you mulitply that with the hundres or even thousands of images you edit in a year. It’s quite a chunk of time.

What does it do?

  1. Sets up layers for frequency separation, ready to retouch.
  2. Sets up a dodge and a burn layer (for brightening and darkening certain parts of the image)
    • Use a regular brush, and paint with white in the layer mask to add areas of brightness/darkness. Use a soft low opacity brush for the best result.
  3. Sets up an empty “Spot Healing Layer” for you to do just that; spot heal.
    • Use the Spot Healing Brush tool, set it to “Content-Aware” in the toolbar and draw where you want to heal the image.
  4. Sets up some various color correction adjustment layers
    • Photo filter for adding tones to the image, adjust the Color Balance and adjust Vibrance/Saturation.

This is not a one-button filter of awesomeness. It’s an action that sets up the image so that you don’t need to do some repetetive tasks every time you want to do some retouching. You will still need to do the manual labour yourself. 🙂

[ Click here to download the Photoshop-action ]



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