About Me

Thomas KristensenI’ve always had a passion for creativity. In school I often made drawings/doodles. And had friends with the same interests we probably went through a small forest worth of paper and pencils. But I never really got the hang of drawing, so I did other stuff like making short stories and even short movies. Even went as a far as writing a manuscript with a few friends. It never became anything, but I still got it saved in the cloud for a rainy day!

In 2010 I purchased myself a camera, after my girlfriend was tired of me borrowing hers all the time. I spent a lot of time capturing everything I saw, and had no sense of purpose in what I did. I love airplanes in all shapes and sizes (ok, maybe not airliners as much!) and took a lot of pictures from airshows and model airplanes.

In 2014 I was tired of this lack of purpose so I looked up different places I could take my photography to the next level. I was invited to the Arcanum where I got into a small community of people with the same goal as me. I feel that my photography now started to evolve in the direction I wanted it to. I met a great deal of fantastic photographers which I’m proud to call my friends now and are very grateful for.

When I originally started out I was heavy into the landscape-genre with some action (airplanes, cars, etc.) on the side. Today I follow a new passion in photography which I love. Conceptual portraits. Where I capture people in a beautiful surrounding to tell their story through images.

Where I’m going next I don’t know, but I love what I’m doing right now, so that’s all I need to know.