Want to supercharge your photography?

Master and Aprenntice(s)

Join The Arcanum – Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery where you team up with a class of around 20 like-minded photographers and a master to help you do just that.

I’ve been an apprentice in a cohort/class that’s run by my master – Wes Hardaker – for a year now.
I’m soon looking at hitting the 20th level which graduates me to the next phase of yet another layer of learning photography.


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There’s sucess in failure

The year has been full of successes, failures, learning, inspiration and the occasional banging my head against the wall. And that’s all good.
One of the most important lessons for me has been that it’s okey to fail and not getting it right. The important bit is to keep being enthusiastic/passionate about what you do. And don’t stop. That’s the hard part.

If you have some questions regarding The Arcanum. Feel free to ask me, and I’ll give you my honest feedback. I do suspect it will be all positive though!

Website: http://www.thearcanum.com
Facebook-page: http://buff.ly/1SH3sMQ

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